DevOps Myths

As the term ‘DevOps’  grows in popularity, one is forced to question its advantages and disadvantages. Although it has been around nearly for a decade and it is believed that  a DevOps framework can successfully solve business problems-by enabling repeatable processes, efficient communication, and stability-many businesses still hold back from making the shift. A reason for this could be the number of misconceptions about DevOps.

Here are some common DevOps Myths

Conflicts between development and operations?


Conflicting goals of development (speed of delivery) and operations (stability of systems) can create an irreconcilable battle between teams.

Note: High-performing organizations deploy code 200x more frequently with 3x fewer failures.

Organization Culture

Organization Culture

Inability on the part of the organization to communicate DevOps benefits to employees has a negative impact on organizational culture. It can have a negative impact on both the people and the overall organization’s performance.

Note: Employees in high-performing organizations are more than twice as likely to recommend their organization to a friend.

Less expensive to maintain status


Currently, most organizations have at least  a few misgivings with regard to DevOps and they believe that investing in new technologies and employing DevOps practices may be a huge investment.

Note: Downtime costs Fortune 1000 companies millions of dollars:

  • Unplanned app downtime: $1.25B–$2.5B per hour
  • Critical app failure: $500K–$1M per hour

DevOps breaks down silos so dev and ops teams can work toward a collective goal of meeting the needs of customers by delivering better software faster. Learn more about DevOps by

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