Health Care Industry

Why SharePoint Cannot Be Ignored by Healthcare Companies

National Healthcare Bill and Personalized Medicine are disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Health Care Industry

In March 2010 the National Healthcare Bill was signed and it was the launch of a new era in the healthcare system in the US. Hospitals are especially affected by the rules and regulations of the Bill.

As the nucleus of the ecosystem comprising doctors, patients, drug companies and the innumerable contributors, it is now of utmost importance for health care organizations to be on top of their processes to remain profitable.

As a result of this, healthcare organizations need to provide seamless collaboration and communication platforms to its various stakeholders. As a result of the digital explosion, the platform has to be device agnostic. Ideally, data should reside on a cloud simplifying access and for controlling users and their rights.

Another factor affecting healthcare organizations is personalized medicine as it is popularly known. A cohesion of stakeholders come together to work for the health upliftment of a patient.

What this means is, doctors access lab information, they prescribe medicines, they collaborate with other doctors and they do all this on a platform.

They don’t physically move around a hospital’s corridor searching for stakeholders. This paradigm shift in information gathering and disbursement has resulted in defined and structured patient care. Hospitals which work in a disjointed manner will suffer as patients going forward will opt for personalized treatment.

A platform which provides all this and more is SharePoint Online. It is possible to search for information, create processes, assign owners, run reports, control rights and all this in a secure environment, in real time and across devices and geographies.

This empowerment is what sets SharePoint apart from other platforms available for the healthcare industry. Also, Microsoft’s obsession with being on top of bleeding edge technology can only work to its advantage as updates and newer versions ensure continuous technology improvisation.

Hospitals are typically frightened of security breaches as the price to be paid for lost information can be high. Breach of confidence is a complete no-no in a hospital environment. SharePoint’s data centers are so secure, private and inaccessible that it is virtually impossible to break into them.

They also offer their users layers upon layers of protection. To achieve all this without using SharePoint Online will require investment in capital infrastructure such as storage devices, networks and so on and so forth. Smart health organizations have therefore already migrated to the cloud. It is now up to us to make the best of it.

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