6 Reasons which make SharePoint Online a Game Changer

Migrating to SharePoint Online cannot be delayed any longer

Game changerThere is a significant buzz around Microsoft’s moving its SharePoint platform onto the cloud. However, in spite of an overall idea about the benefits of SharePoint, IT Managers still hesitate in the face of making a decision pro-SharePoint.

User Access Simplified

With the on-premise version of SharePoint, there is the need for configuration, authentication and this could involve the services of an ASP.NET engineer. The Cloud version of SharePoint greatly simplifies file sharing. Users can access, files, folders, individual documents and anything they need extremely easily. By enabling permissions it is simple enough to control document access and management.

One Drive for Business

This is a huge benefit as it provides all those who have the rights with one TB of personal storage space. This is over and above the SharePoint quota, as this is cloud storage, employees have no difficulty in accessing their stored data.
Also, One Drive for Business gives employees a personal site, where they can keep their data, share it, sync it and also collaborate with others internally and external. They can also access their data on multiple devices. In case an employee leaves an organization, the SharePoint admin can assume control and protect confidential data.

Bleeding edge of technology

SharePoint users are probably aware of the number of versions of SharePoint to hit the market and its new features in SharePoint 2016. Every version has next gen technology making it simple for users. There is no need to go looking for the latest updates.

SharePoint offers easy ways to upgrade to their latest version and this essentially means that SharePoint users are always equipped with the current and latest happenings in technology. For example, everyone is talking about the cloud and SharePoint 2016 resides on the cloud! That’s how innovative and futuristic SharePoint is for organizations. Also, Microsoft constantly ensures that updates are sent to devices.

Anywhere, Anytime availability

One of the key advantages of the cloud is its seamless availability. For SharePoint cloud users this feature provides seamless connectivity and availability. Also, SharePoint is available on multiple devices which suit today’s users who are used to accessing data on their mobile devices. The cumbersome normally associated with a content management tool disappears with SharePoint. It is flexible, light and available 24/7.

Add/Delete users at will

With SharePoint adding / trimming your farm is greatly simplified. Admins can add users on the go and remove rights too on the go. Just a few clicks are all it takes. If a user leaves the company, the admin has to go to the admin portal and simply delete the user. That’s the end of it. Since it is seamless and resides on the cloud, there is no headache associated with buying offline licenses, installing the software, deleting it etc.

To summarize, most of the operational tasks which are thankless and arduous are done away with SharePoint online.

Robust Intranet

An intranet is every IT manager’s pet problem. There are so many departments, functions, required controls, information updates that it becomes a huge challenge for IT managers to efficiently run an intranet site. On SharePoint, this is greatly simplified. Its user-friendly features make it easy to have an intranet site up and running in no time. The intranet can have as many departments as you choose. You can assign admins or owners for each department and these people will be responsible for updating the intranet with current information. File sharing and collaboration are also greatly simplified.


Finally, security is the single biggest concern of organizations today. This is because we are naturally Security afraid of putting our confidential data on the cloud. What if there are information leaks? The result can be devastating, to say the least.
SharePoint online resides on Microsoft’s data centers. Microsoft provides multiple layers of control and security for its data centers. It is as impenetrable as imaginable. Also, Microsoft uses Bit Locker encryption and secures traffic with SSL. All these factors are important when considering putting your data online.

Many companies access to cloud data for data mining. However, Microsoft follows a stringent policy on the same and for no reason is stored data accessed by Microsoft.
To summarize, the migration process may be slightly demanding but the benefits far outweigh the challenges and that is what is ultimately important.

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