IoT Tech Trends for 2017

MobilityThe (IoT Internet of Things) is a growing concept affecting all aspects of business from the workplace to Industrial machines. There are even wearable devices using inbuilt sensors to collect data and take action on it across the network and outside of it.


It is a concept growing in popularity, which has hidden value in how we live and how we work.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is boosting the current business models and affecting new ones.

Given below are some key facets of IoT that will impact businesses in 2017 and 2018 (Gartner’s top 10 IoT technologies for 2017 and 2018):

1. IoT Security

When it comes to security in IoT, it is quite challenging from a technology perspective. A software team will have to design the application, providing the best solution and an enterprise architect has to consider security in the design of an application.

However, as a result of security problems, there can be issues with design, lack of training, implementation and as a result of this market leaders hesitate to adopt IoT and when they do, they end up investing a large amount of money.

According to Gartner hardware and software will make IoT Security a fast-evolving area through 2021.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is booming and  it has just changed the scenario of how individuals interact with each other and with software systems creating an immersive environment. AR and VR technologies are now actively applied for making live streaming and creating VR marketplaces, which helps in the blending of real and virtual worlds. For enterprises, this technology will help them superimpose graphics onto real-world objects.

This is something that enterprises can look into as targeted applications of VR and AR through 2020.

3. IoT Device Management

To enable technologies, context and location are big challenges while being consistent with data and knowledge taxonomies. IoT Device Management creates the data structures to unique inbound data requirements.

In the coming year, we will see significant innovation in IoT Device Management.

4. Smart Moves for IoT

With Smart moves, the first thing which comes to mind is robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles. IoT devices have smart moves with delivering the power of AI systems everywhere such as the workplace, providing the medical facility, industrial machines etc.

So IoT Smart moves will bean important business strategy for an enterprise in the coming year.

5. Event Stream Processing

According to Gartner some IoT applications will generate extremely high data rates that must be analyzed in real time.

6. IoT Analytics

To receive the value of data captured and knowledge created IoT requires new algorithms, architectures, and data structures.

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