Secure Gateways can Help Enterprises Form a Robust Mobile Strategy

With Mobile proliferation, Keeping the Gate Closed is a Good Option

securityDid you know that the number of mobile devices on Earth has surpassed the number of people living on it?

In 2015 more Google searches occurred on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries. 87 % of time spent using mobile devices is spent using apps.

An average of 53,309 mobile apps was released on the Apple App Store each month in 2015. Forrester predicted people would download more than 226 billion apps in 2015.

Keeping these in mind, we can say that the fear around mobile security for enterprises is not exaggerated or unreal.

The first step forward is for enterprises to acknowledge and accept the fact that mobile devices are very much a part of employees’ lives. And whether we like it or not, employees do carry their smart devices to work and check it frequently when not in the office.

This essentially means that employees are already using their smartphones for official work. By having a BYOD policy, enterprises can benefit from increased productivity. BYOD should be seen as both a technology and a business strategy for its positive effects to be felt and the results to be trans formative.

It enhances employee flexibility giving him the chance to work remotely and react quickly.

The fact remains that any data out there, on a secured or unsecured network is vulnerable. So are the apps which employees download onto their devices. The way forward is to have stringent security policies in place and make this the right time to harness this trend in a secure manner.

The other option of barring BYOD may not work in the long run. A suggested method is, employees can be given access to a remote virtual work environment.

The only information then that goes to the device is the screen output from work applications and the data, therefore, does not persist when the remote session ends.

Also, remote sessions are through VPN connections which are normally very safe and secure. It is also a great idea to prevent download of files to mobile devices.

It is vital that an organization clearly understand what are the systems and applications that an employee might need to access on his or her mobile device.

If the mobile traffic can be managed through special gateways and firewalls, then this will help in filtering content and keep security measures in place.

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