Future Trend of Mobile Application – 2017

Mobile TrendsTechnology keeps evolving, it focuses and targets on building something new. In the same way, the mobile application industry has seen a number of changes in terms of technology development, new programming languages, and new requirements which have all added to make it a new landscape. There are so many apps nowadays so, we are all confused and tired of having our mobile devices filled with these apps.

Here is a glimpse of few trends which will continue to be relevant in 2017

1.Mobile app security issues

On a global scale, there is no uniform management that exists to assure users about security against the privacy breaches via mobile applications. The hacking activities and data breach are increasing day-to-day so for developers, the security concern should be the prime focus. Many enterprises’ have been affected by this. Earlier it has been noticed that a number of apps are unable to pass security tests. Sundry apps store personal and important information of customers on the server with less protection.

So mobile security is a great concern for both Android and iOS apps in 2017.

When it comes to security the open-source framework and development platforms remain vulnerable. Coming to Apple it is also migrating towards open source framework for IOS later versions of Swift.

2.Swift Programming Language of Apple in Demand

Swift programming community index measures the popularity of programming languages. Until the Apple’s Swift Language was not introduced, the developer used to create programs through languages such as HTML, C++, and Objective. Swift made the mobile programming easy for developers. In the coming year, it is going to be popular. It was launched in the year 2014 and it also has desktop based version called `Perfect’. It has made life easier for programmers to create mobile applications.

3.Smart moves for Mobile IoT

Wearable devices are appealing in the market for applications related to music, health, fitness etc. The Google glass, Apple watch, Apple Pay all these have taken the mobile into a new level and are a prominent trend in 2017. Keeping these in mind enterprises are creating smart technologies with smart integration. As IoT technologies develop and find new applications, IoT applications will be an important business strategy for mobile app development companies in the coming year.

4.Virtual Reality

VR apps are penetrating in all areas of life and enterprises. All know VR as it is related to games and entertainment, even though this area is booming as well. AR and VR technologies are now actively applied for making live streaming and travel apps as well as for creating VR marketplaces and various sales tools. They are also successfully used in healthcare for treating psychological disorders and phobias.

5.Robotics Applications

Robotics technology is used on the high scale. Yes, users are fascinated towards it. So, it is expected robots may reach the homes and requirement of new robotics app will increase. Currently, it has a high scale in automotive industries.

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