Eleven Cool Reasons to Consider Upgrading to SharePoint 2016

Why migrating to SharePoint 2016 is the smartest decision this year

TeadSharePoint 2016 has been available since mid this year and the new version has several attractive features.  One of the key features which are mind boggling is the common code base with SharePoint online.  This is a new feature which is great for the future.  For those considering migration to SharePoint 2016, this feature is enticing as it means more regular updates.

1.Enhancements to Usability

SharePoint 2016 has introduced App Launcher to enhance global navigation experience.  App Launcher is not new for Office 365 users.  It is an extensible interface with which one can access OneDrive for Business, Yammer, and Delve as well as move between on-premise and the cloud.

2.Increased File Size

SharePoint 2016 has increased 2GB maximum file size to 10GB maximum file size.  However, 10GB is the boundary and one cannot go beyond it.  For those who are not familiar with boundaries, in SharePoint 2016 boundaries are absolute limits and one cannot go beyond this.  This essentially means that when designing the outlay or the farm, it is important to keep in mind that file size cannot go beyond 10 gigabytes (GB) in document size.  As this is a built-in design, the same cannot be exceeded.

3.File Naming Restrictions Removed

SharePoint 2016 has removed restrictions to file naming.  In the earlier version, you could not save file names containing characters such as &, % and #, but now you can do this.  Also, durable links offer you the capability to retain a resource-based URL to documents even after they are renamed or moved in SharePoint.

4.Enhanced Image and video Viewing Capability

By simply hovering over images and videos it is possible to see a preview of them in SharePoint 2016. This particular feature has been hyped up and is very popular.

5.Search Feature – Simplified

The Search feature in SharePoint 2016 allows one to search for sensitive information in the existing Enterprise Search.  Once can search for sensitive information in the existing eDiscovery Center. Since the use of eDiscovery Centre is role protected it provides a solid layer of control. As a result of this, not everyone in an organization can access the data.   For example, in a banking environment, one can have even fifty built in security types such as card numbers, passport numbers etc.  As a result of this micro security feature, one can easily identify offending documents, export reports and adjust roles and permissions when required.

6.Improved User Interface.

App Launcher has made a significant change to SharePoint’s UI related features.  This is an important feature as, all along SharePoint’s Achilles heal as been its limited user-friendly nature.  Many organizations find it challenging to increase user acceptance and with improved interface, this challenge may well be mitigated.Improved Mobile Experience

7.Improved Mobile Experience

When accessing a team site on a mobile device, one can tap tiles and links on the screen to navigate the site. One can also switch between mobile and PC view easily.  This feature is especially important as many companies are embracing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.  Employee connectivity and communication are core to on-the-go responsiveness. This level of responsiveness is important for businesses which want to be above the competition and remain there in the future.

8.New Recycle Bin in OneDrive and Team sites:

SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview adds a link for the Recycle Bin in the left navigation area of the OneDrive and Team sites.

9.Threshold limit Optimized

This really cool feature of SharePoint2016 ensures automatic indexing when the SharePoint list increases. One simply has to choose this option in the Automatic Index Management section.

10.Information Rights Management

The new SharePoint 2016 provides Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities to secure information by encryption.  This is a really important feature as SharePoint becomes the hub for information within an organization and security has to be really important.

11.Folders for different Sites

It is possible to have micro sites which direct users to document libraries within sites.  With this feature, users can access their work files in one place and manage all their required documents in one location.

To summarize, SharePoint 2016 is truly cool and migration should be seriously considered by process driven enterprises.

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