Choose SharePoint to Manage Your Content

There is really no better way for you to manage your content.


There are an equal number of organizations that adopted Microsoft tools and those who are now thinking of including Microsoft in their content management strategies. The delay for some is because they already have enterprise content management (ECM) systems in place.

But for these organizations as well as others, the lure of Microsoft SharePoint is alluring. Everyone is talking about it.

It is no more about `I have an ECM’ it is more about `We use SharePoint! ‘and the new features in SharePoint 2016 .This is not just a blind following of innovation but the result of successful reviews of the advantages of SharePoint.

For example,Cloud computing is changing the foundation of collaboration and communication and effective organizations realize the value of making their content available online for the workforce to collaborate and share information over electronic networks.

Having said that, it is still not easy for organizations to make the shift. Some questions which arise repeatedly are:

a. Why move? I already have an ECM
b. What is the cost of migration
c. What is the effort required for migration?

Some of these questions are absolutely valid for some organizations. It really does not make sense for them to replace their existing stores. However, for many organizations migrating to SharePoint is not just the right decision, it is the only way forward.

SharePoint is Microsoft’s solution to growing business needs. It is inclusive and is tailor made for robust businesses. As a result of its popularity, SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest growing product, a $2 billion-per-year business for Microsoft.

To address the points above

1. Why move? The reason is simple. For organizations to stay above competition they need to have laser sharp processes in place. Every single process has to be optimized to reduce wastage of time and labor. To achieve this, SharePoint is the trusted way forward.

2. What is the cost of migration? The cost of migration is negligible when compared to the overall benefit it provides. Optimization is the key to business productivity.

3. What is the effort required – the same as the effort required for migration? An existing ECM may be ancient and the owners may not have new, upgraded versions made available. But Microsoft is a big company with a great R&D team in place.

They invest in ensuring that their customers are always getting the benefits of great technology.

Having said this, the decision to migrate to SharePoint is not easy. It is as much an IT responsibility as that of the business owners. What is required is for the business owners to be committed to the need to migrate to SharePoint.

They should not view it as an IT task, a mere up gradation of systems as much as a tool to improve their existing processes. Overall, the ones who have benefited from technology are those which view technology solutions as enablers and not as standalone solutions.

SharePoint migration can still be a question mark. The best way for unsure organizations is to get in touch with vendors who provide SharePoint migration services.

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Joseph Aldrich is a Freelance Digital Consultant working in the Information Technology sector. Joseph shares his expertise and knowledge through articles and blogs on trending subjects in the field of technology innovation, software,and IT outsourcing.

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