Five Inspiring Reasons to Opt for Cloud Computing

social-1319757_640As most people are already aware of benefits and reasons for cloud’s popularity, Cloud Computing is a great solution for both short and long term IT infrastructure management.

But before burning the data center, many companies are still hovering over the dotted line trying to figure out why the cloud really makes sense.

Here are five solid reasons to inspire your cloud computing decisions:

Data center management

Infrastructure planning is not easy. It requires the IT team to work with the business leaders to strategize and arrive at a place where they don’t over plan or underestimate their requirements.

Both scenarios can be difficult to manage especially as setting up a data Center requires space, time and effort. The cloud literally takes this decision out of the hands of the management, making it as straightforward as possible.

Saving on infrastructure costs.

Companies which have an eye on the budget need to be careful what money they put where. Burying a lot of their capital fund on infrastructure literally, eats up the budget.

It is better to go with the cloud as there are no initial costs.


The cloud provides scalability and flexibility to increase or decrease requirements. On the other hand, data centers are investments. It is not possible to scale immediately. Yes if you know that in the next six months your data requirements will go up by X factor then you can budget for the same. But is business planning really that simple.

The word `business’ is synonymous with `unforeseen’. This essentially means that there can be rapid, sudden growth, jerky pauses and long periods of slack. In such circumstances, it is preferable to go with the cloud which scales both ways.

Reduced Dependency on IT Resources

IT infrastructure management requires trained staff to work 24/7 to manage the same. This is an ongoing added expenditure for companies which need to keep an eye on the bottom line. The cloud is normally managed by the provider and it is the provider’s responsibility to manage the cloud.

Fast and Furious

Cloud computing is a smart choice for organizations that do not have the time, budget or bandwidth to set up data centers. Cloud automation ensures that cloud service providers help businesses to automate and simplify deployment and management of their data centers. It is faster, more efficient and therefore makes sense in the business arena.

To summarize, cloud computing is a smart choice for businesses but it is not just a simple case of shutting down the data center and migrating to the cloud the next day. It is a process and like all processes requires intelligence, time and resources.

However, smart organizations worldwide have already started the process and that will be their biggest business differentiator, going forward.

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Joseph Aldrich is a Freelance Digital Consultant working in the Information Technology sector. Joseph shares his expertise and knowledge through articles and blogs on trending subjects in the field of technology innovation, software,and IT outsourcing.

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