Mobile CRM Makes Waves

What happens if a sale person wants to access an RFP on-the-road?a5ca809e6ed01f30cb274079aba0ceb25e1c6b66e912b3c13bpimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Mobile adoption is growing by the day and smart enterprises are already incorporating a mobile strategy in their overall business and employee initiatives.


Some enterprises also have a (Bring-your-own-device BYOD)policy and these kinds of initiatives are spurring the already fast growing popularity of mobility.

In a parallel trend, seeing the opportunity that mobility provides to increase employee efficiency and flexibility, Mobile CRM solutions are being implemented. The reason for this is, sales personnel, on the road, want quick reactions to customer queries, whether it is to access existing customer data, forward some sales collateral or even respond to an RFP request, the need is urgent and the sales team want to be quick to respond.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Mobile CRM) is providing flexibility to these employees, taking them away from their desktops into the mobile space. Forbes reports that there are over 110 CRM applications in the Apple App Store and 47 in the Android App Store. The Gartner Group predicts an exceptional growth rate of 500% by 2014 for mobile CRM.

The following steps will help organizations to get started with Mobile CRM:

1. The sales force who in this case are the primary users will need to be comfortable with a mobile CRM solution. They are the ones who will be using their mobile devices to access the software and their input will be valuable during the mobile app development phase. In a similar manner, they can also help with testing the app.

Once the app is ready to be rolled out, the sales force can be trained through training materials and user guides to understanding how to use the app. This will help in early adoption of the app.

2. Give a free device

Getting the sales force to adopt mobile CRM might require organizations to invest in free devices for its users. The investment in the device will help faster adoption.

3. Data Management

The CRM software, if it is cloud-based will reduce the data load on the device. The idea of having a CRM software on the mobile app is to encourage usability. Slow apps can be very frustrating and it is likely that users will abandon it, preferring to use a desktop to get their work done. Hence speed and agility of data are key to enhanced user adoption of Mobile CRM.

4. User-friendly features

The Mobile CRM solution is packing in a lot of information in a very small screen. Hence it is not about offering the same existing software on a mobile device. It will simply not work on a small screen. The best way would be to pick and choose functionalities which are critical to salesforce on the move. By keeping the app simple and user-friendly, an enterprise can be sure of faster adoption.

To summarize, a Mobile CRM solution will help an enterprise to experience faster business results. The salesforce is like the main pillar for a business as the sales team help to bring in customers.

Mobile CRM ensures quick turnaround and faster resolutions which will help in early deal closures.

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