Why Customers love the Cloud ?

social-1319757_640Enterprises only like to pay for the actual resources that they use and not for what they don’t. They use bytes of storage, add-on apps and its services and so on.

As a result of this, more and more enterprises are moving away from traditional data centers’ towards cloud computing. Seeing this potential, every tech vendor is a rush to sign up with clients to offer their own cloud services before competitors nab them.

Clients only like to pay for an application as long it’s beneficial to them else eliminate shelf-ware.

A typical application deployment cycle can take around 15 to 36 months. No one likes to miss the deployment cycle and in the cloud business, it allows clients to deploy software projects at lower risk. Security is still an issue, for certain industries.

As earlier, it was a concern that cloud computing’s security has decreased.
Businesses are progressively moving to IaaS for its reliability. As companies are trying hard to get per customer-facing applications to access, Cloud Technology helps them to handle ensuring web activity.

So, what is really so great about the cloud?

Fast Implementation: It can take months or even years for implementation of new applications and to get it up and running. When it comes to cloud-based applications, you can decrease these timelines.

As a result of this, several enterprises have applications that are up and running in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years.

No Up-front Costs: When you implement a new application it means new hardware, equipment, capital expenditure for integration and inevitable consultants. However, when it comes to cloud software these capital expenditures are reduced. Instead, you just pay the monthly fee, transforming a significant capital expenditure into predictable operational expenditure.

Instant Scalability: Over a period of time with cloud-based applications you can monitor the number of users as per your needs, which means you need to only pay for what you use.

Maintenance Free: For your IT staff, it can take months or more than that for upgrading, patching and testing those applications. Here it’s all handled in the cloud application which gives your staff more time to work on new projects and innovations.

Access: Cloud application is designed in such a way that you can access securely from any device from anywhere.

Security: Security is still a question mark. Companies used to lose many laptops and they contain confidential data and each has security implications. When it comes to cloud application it is stored securely in the cloud.

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Joseph Aldrich is a Freelance Digital Consultant working in the Information Technology sector. Joseph shares his expertise and knowledge through articles and blogs on trending subjects in the field of technology innovation, software,and IT outsourcing.

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