The `New’ and `Next’ in SharePoint Development?

Tech TrendsWhat’s new with SharePoint 2016? With Microsoft ‘s road map of SharePoint 2016 being available, most SharePoint user organizations are already familiar with its features and functionality.


For those who are not familiar with it, SharePoint is all about easy collaboration among employees, team driven workflows to employees and simple Intranet publishing where they share information, publish reports all of which helps to make better decisions.

SharePoint learning is a good combination of future outcomes and past learning as it truly provides an integrated solution through a collaborative platform.

So, what’s new with SharePoint 2016?

In Share Point 2016 we can create a new site and can choose whether it should be a team site or Intranet site for sharing documents or publishing information. You can also choose members and mark whether the site is meant for standard documents or for confidential information.

Beyond 2016 – Basics of SharePoint

• Flow Service- The Flow Service is powerful. It helps to create seamless workflows. Even you can turn down the SharePoint into a Powernaps which works for Smartphones and SharePoint website.

• Mobile apps – Right now, in the development phase, Microsoft is trying to offer developers a new level of parity with multiple tools. In addition, it is appealing that the SharePoint Framework isn’t a proprietary approach. Instead, it is a client-side library based on JavaScript that works with common JavaScript tools like Yeoman, Nodejs, NPM and Gulp, and popular frameworks like Angular and React.

• Microsoft Graph- Developers can still interact with SharePoint through Microsoft Graph especially developers who still prefer languages such as C#, Ruby, Python, Java while existing SharePoint development models continue to be available.

• Command Line- In 2016 SharePoint Server STSADM, the venerable command line that managed a lot of SharePoint in 2007 and 2010 is deprecated. It was the central point around which Custom equivalent of the Share Point Central Administration website.

SharePoint 2016 features make the smart new features more appealing because there’s no point building on the clever new options if you’re not confident that the core features can keep up with the cloud competition.

It gives Microsoft a better chance of striking the right balance between bringing SharePoint up-to-date and pushing forward with new options.

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