Three Key Benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint can be the one single platform for all communication both internal and external. It all depends on what you want from it.

benefits-1Not all organizations which implement SharePoint use it for the same purpose. Some may use it as their intranet portal, others for documentation storage, some may use it as a back-end information storage system.


For whatever purpose that an organization may implement SharePoint, the fact remains that SharePoint helps in collaboration, synchronization, and communication.

Given below are three essential benefits an organization can experience from implementing SharePoint

Intranet and Extranet

SharePoint provides a great platform for different departments within an organization to collaborate and communicate.

The interface can be attractive with dashboards sharing important announcements, status on projects etc. It can also be a social platform, like a meeting room for employees.

It can also be used as an extranet where an organization can use SharePoint to collaborate with partners. For example, similar to a supply chain, a partner can have access to all the information that he needs from you and similarly you can have updated information on your partners available in one central location.


An inherent advantage of SharePoint is the access it provides to all the information stored in it. This information can be searched, sorted, and displayed as intuitive graphs and charts. It can show both current and historical data making analytics really simple.

Business heads have access to all the intelligence they need about the organization. Functional heads can also make informed decisions based on analytics. Thus, both on an organizational level as well as a functional level, SharePoint provides business heads and managers with access to data that they need to improve their functions.

The three benefits highlighted above are only a few of the many advantages that SharePoint provides its users. The reason for SharePoint’s success lies in the fact that it is an extremely powerful tool, with all the functions that businesses require.

The good thing is, that no organization needs to feel overwhelmed by its comprehensive features. All that is required is for an organization which has invested in SharePoint is to find a good technology partner that can do a careful needs analysis, recommend the right plan and road-map and thereafter implement the solution.

What makes SharePoint such a powerful tool, though, is that it doesn’t simply rely on all the features and functions it provides out-of-the-box. SharePoint implementations can be customized to streamline pretty much any aspect of business collaboration you can think of.

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