Best Practices for Offshore Software Development

TeadNowadays globalization has become a familiar term for businesses. This a process where an organization develops international influence on a global scale. The IT industry and software development companies are outshining in this drive.

Offshore Software Development Company

It is a critical decision to make when it comes to selecting an offshore software development company for the success of your development project.

Outsourcing Best Practices for Offshore Software Development

1.Choosing the right-sized Organization

According to your project size you need to choose the right-sized software development company. If your project size is large you need to go for a large software business company. If your project size is small then you need to be careful, as choosing a big software company can be a wrong decision, as you might face the lack of intrinsic attention, junior level developers and less involvement from the management.

In such cases, it’s better to select an offshore software development company where you are their biggest customer. This will guarantee experienced and senior level engineering team, advantageous terms and conditions, and prime attention from the top level management resulting in a successful project.

2.Methodology Section

Agile Software minimizes risk in offshore software development industry. Agile and outsource development are the two pillars of the technology industry. Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban can help to overcome the shortcomings of Offshore Software Development.

Other major methodologies include Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), and Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Select the appropriate development methodology depending on your project size and requirements.
Agile methodology can work extremely well if proper planning and preparation take place and you have a team with the right knowledge to make it work.

3. Source Code Ownership Agreement –Appointing a software development company to build a custom software application for your company will not automatically make you the owner of the source code. Software development companies have diversified strategies and service price offerings.

Also, software development companies fetch development tools (utility codes) to each software development project.

They may not give the ownership on this part of the code as they are needed regularly in various projects. So, it’s better to have a clear stated agreement regarding the ownership of the source code. You can add a separate section in the service contract containing all the clauses regarding the source code ownership.

4. Component Re-usability: Do you need high-quality offshore software development? Re-usability is an important factor. This helps in building and allowing a new program to be assembled from existing components. It is not only applied to the code but also to design, documentation, data, specifications, and plan.

For the long-term strategy, it’s better to form a Reuse group which has members from design as well as from the development team.

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