How Custom Software Development Firms Can Retain customers

It is important to work on retaining customers rather than searching for new wins all the time


Existing customers are a testimonial to a job well done. If a vendor can understand the importance of this statement then he or she will never have to close shop. Customers don’t go away. They have chased away.

Any sourcing company which is in a vendor relationship with an offshore software service provider has gone through a long process to identify its partner. The proposal, agreement, ramping up, training are investments in time and money which are rarely accounted for.

After all this work, the customer does not want to go after another vendor, especially for up gradations, enhancements or customization. The fact is the process is self-defeating, expensive and frustrating.

1.All these are points in favor of the service provider who is already in a relationship with the concerned customer. Customer sacredness is, therefore, the key to retaining a good customer. To define the term `customer sacredness’, one must view the customer as God. One does not question God and similarly one does not question the customer.

If there are any questions or suggestions, they need to be aligned to the customer’s business success and should make absolute business sense.

2.Offshore software development companies should not indulge in over promising is another important point to be remembered. Stick to what is possible and deliver on the same. Delays can happen but the customer needs to always in the in the loop.
3.If all the criteria of the requirements document are met, and the project has been completed within budget and time, chances are that the customer is there for the long haul.
4.As a custom software development company, if you have not heard from a customer for a period of time after completion of the project, it does not mean that you are not needed. You understand your customer’s business and you know technology as well if not better than the customer.

If you have any ideas on improvisations to existing systems, pre-empt the same. Even if the customer does not see the requirement for the same immediately, it is you that he will turn to, when the need arises.

5.Offshore software development companies must keep an open mind to changing times. There might be times that the customer does go away from you to another vendor, but if you have sown good seeds, he will come to you for some other requirement.

As I mentioned earlier, if you follow the mantra of `customer sacredness’, your long-term relationship with the customer is something you can rely on for the future.


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