What does SharePoint migration involve?

Does it involve a lot of budgets and work? Not really!


There are two ways to approach your SharePoint migration project. One is to assign an internal team comprising business heads and IT team to work on it. The other is to outsource the project to an established and reliable vendor. The migration process requires careful thinking and planning. It cannot be an ad hoc decision.

One of the key reasons for this is, SharePoint migration to be effective, useful and cost effective requires it to be the most effective way to manage your organization’s content. Continue reading “What does SharePoint migration involve?”

What’s New in SharePoint Hybrid

What’s New in SharePoint Hybrid

An enterprise is a hybrid of a dancer and a calculator

A hybrid environment helps an enterprise to be connected with its users as per their needs of resources and content. It helps an enterprise with the solution and to get started with cloud computing. With this, one can explore cloud functionality at one’s own pace. Continue reading “What’s New in SharePoint Hybrid”

Choose SharePoint to Manage Your Content

There is really no better way for you to manage your content.


There are an equal number of organizations that adopted Microsoft tools and those who are now thinking of including Microsoft in their content management strategies. The delay for some is because they already have enterprise content management (ECM) systems in place. But for these organizations as well as others, the lure of Microsoft SharePoint is alluring. Everyone is talking about it. Continue reading “Choose SharePoint to Manage Your Content”

The Future of the Datacentre Remains Unclear

Will data centers soon be history with the Cloud masking its presence? We need to wait and see.

photographer-430619_640A study by Intel shows that nearly 45 percent of the present public cloud usage by enterprises is driven by new, cloud-enabled workloads. This essentially means that as the demand for public and private clouds increases, enterprises are adopting a hybrid strategy to manage their workloads. This also gives IT managers’ flexibility to manage fluctuations. Continue reading “The Future of the Datacentre Remains Unclear”

Five Inspiring Reasons to Opt for Cloud Computing

social-1319757_640As most people are already aware of benefits and reasons for cloud’s popularity, Cloud Computing is a great solution for both short and long term IT infrastructure management. But before burning the data center, many companies are still hovering over the dotted line trying to figure out why the cloud really makes sense.

Continue reading “Five Inspiring Reasons to Opt for Cloud Computing”

Going Hybrid: A Look at How Enterprises Integrate Cloud and On- Premise Resources

“Change is to focus and target. Not on fighting the old, but on building something new.”

desk-office-workspace-coworking.jpgIn the real- world of the IT industry, most enterprises are deviating from their chosen paths where technology solutions are concerned.As the cloud has its own benefits and reasons for its popularity .Today in this article, I will delve on the topic of cloud infrastructure. However, having said acknowledged that change is inevitable and progress is optional, enterprises have to accurately position themselves and slowly adapt to change step-by-step. The key question that continues to remain is “How”. Continue reading “Going Hybrid: A Look at How Enterprises Integrate Cloud and On- Premise Resources”

Mobile CRM Makes Waves

What happens if a sale person wants to access an RFP on-the-road?a5ca809e6ed01f30cb274079aba0ceb25e1c6b66e912b3c13bpimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Mobile adoption is growing by the day and smart enterprises are already incorporating a mobile strategy in their overall business and employee initiatives. Some enterprises also have a (Bring-your-own-device BYOD)policy and these kinds of initiatives are spurring the already fast growing popularity of mobility. Continue reading “Mobile CRM Makes Waves”