Why SharePoint Cannot Be Ignored by Healthcare Companies

National Healthcare Bill and Personalized Medicine are disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Health Care Industry

In March 2010 the National Healthcare Bill was signed and it was the launch of a new era in the healthcare system in the US. Hospitals are especially affected by the rules and regulations of the Bill. As the nucleus of the ecosystem comprising doctors, patients, drug companies and the innumerable contributors, it is now of utmost importance for health care organizations to be on top of their processes to remain profitable. Continue reading

6 Reasons which make SharePoint Online a Game Changer

Migrating to SharePoint Online cannot be delayed any longer

Game changerThere is a significant buzz around Microsoft’s moving its SharePoint platform onto the cloud. However, in spite of an overall idea about the benefits of SharePoint, IT Managers still hesitate in the face of making a decision pro-SharePoint.

Continue reading

Why It Is Important to Understand Workflows in SharePoint

Replacing manual processes with automation is important for smart enterprises

SPBefore we embark on the benefits of SharePoint’s workflows, it is important to understand what constitutes workflows. To put it in simple language, the workflow is the process of linking together multiple events, tasks, resources and specific jobs to obtain a specified result. Workflows have different forms and there are some which can be completed in less than a day and some which can take even six months for completion. Continue reading

Understanding Peer to Peer Insurance

Can Insurance Giants Lose Out to Start-ups?

Peer to PeerHave you heard of Lemonade, Friendsurance? These are the new insurance companies which are redefining the insurance sector. These companies are using crowdsourcing and social networking to create a shared insurance experience. How it works is simple, groups of business owners such as car owners, auto owners, absorb each other’s risks by contributing money to insure each other’s losses. Continue reading

IoT Tech Trends for 2017

MobilityThe (IoT Internet of Things) is a growing concept affecting all aspects of business from the workplace to Industrial machines. There are even wearable devices using inbuilt sensors to collect data and take action on it across the network and outside of it. It is a concept growing in popularity, which has hidden value in how we live and how we work. Continue reading

Secure Gateways can Help Enterprises Form a Robust Mobile Strategy

With Mobile proliferation, Keeping the Gate Closed is a Good Option

securityDid you know that the number of mobile devices on Earth has surpassed the number of people living on it? In 2015 more Google searches occurred on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries. 87 percent of time spent using mobile devices is spent using apps. An average of 53,309 mobile apps was released on the Apple App Store each month in 2015. Forrester predicted people would download more than 226 billion apps in 2015. Continue reading

Antimalware software – Does it work for Mobile Devices?

Why Antimalware Software will continue to remain a challenge going forward

virusThe mobile anti-malware software provides protection to mobile devices against unwanted spyware that access information without the users’ knowledge. Malware attacks are one of the most significant challenges for cyber security. These threats ascertain and exploit vulnerabilities and then use these identified vulnerabilities for further incursion into a mobile network. Continue reading